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From Farm to Food Truck

Brenneman & Bucks Food Truck is a family-owned farm-to-food tuck cooking environmentally friendly, farm fresh beef, pork, poultry, and egg products and more.

We Accept Check, Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Credit Card w/fee

Our Schedule

5/13: Sunny Pastures (food truck brunch service) Harrodsburg, KY
– Victoria Estates ( neighborhood celebration ) food truck, Georgetown, KY
5/19: Buffalo Trace (private event )  both trucks, Frankfort, KY
5/20: Bagdad Days, Sweet G’s
5/26: commonwealth credit union – sweet G’s, Frankfort, KY
5/27: Franklin Co. Farmers Market, food truck
6/3: Bagdad bluegrass festival 6 pm-8 pm – both trucks
6/4: Buffalo Trace – car show (open to the public ) Frankfort, KY – both trucks
6/8-6/10: Farm Jamb, Bagdad, KY – both trucks
6/9: Concert Series, Frankfort, KY – both trucks

Almost all of the products served on our menu are KY PROUD and were raised by us on our family farm located in Frankfort. We focus on producing the best possible products for your family and ours! Currently, our food truck offers: download our menu in PDF

Brenneman & Bucks Farm to Food Truck

Smoked Products

Beef Brisket
Burnt Ends
Pulled Pork

Signature Items
Smash Burgers – 6oz and 10oz
Hotdogs – all beef
BBQ Sandwich

Brenneman & Bucks Farm to Food Truck

Breakfast Items

Sausage biscuits
English Muffin sandwich
Sausage Gravy & biscuits
Open-face breakfast sandwich
Breakfast Scramble
Brisket Biscuit

Mac n Cheese

Brenneman & Bucks Farm to Food Truck

Specialty Items

Patty Melt
Walking Taco
Beefy Reuben
Pig Mac
Sloppy Joe